Global Smart Mining

Lease equipment from the largest mining pool in Europe and make a fortune in this promising market

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up to 47 TH/sup to 6.4 kWt

About us

The market of cryptocurrencies is developing rapidly. Its volume multiplies each year, and this is just the beginning.Mining is one of the main areas for the development of cryptocurrencies and the main activity of our company. GS Mining team includes the best experts who were standing at the origins of this market. We have created a system for mining cryptocurrencies that is accessible for everyone. And we offer a ready model for your own business.


We are the first company that has created an provides a transparent business process for the general public. Its validity is ensured by the smart contract that ties the rented mining facilities to a private account


A strong partnership program that guarantees fairness andtransparency is also supported by the smart contract. Getthe chance to boost your income by means of simple andeffective advice


1000-day contract for the rent of mining equipment providesfor the opportunity to return the equipment prior to contractexpiration minus the cost of equipment depreciation. Makeyour own decisions about your business.


We have created the best conditions for your business to make our project available for a variety of participants with different possibilities and different levels of understanding of cryptocurrencies market. Our support and training will provide the necessary drive to make your business grow.

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Meet the team

Succesful leader means a succesful team!

Yuri Subbotin
CEO / Co-founder Global Smart Mining

Born in 1981 in Perm, Russia. Holds two degrees: in Engineering Construction and in Enterprise Management. Five-year experience in developing international dot com companies.


For partners

We lease the latest generation of mining facilities. You get income from the operation of this equipment which is located on our site acting as a single mining pool. The unique feature of our project is application of blockchain technology in which transparency and validity of all the processes is ensured by the smart contract. It means you may immediately start your own business in the most promising industry of the present day.

16nm ASIC chip
BitFury B8 industrial bitcoin

Up to 47 TH/s

The bitfury B8 server contains 6 cards (hasboards) with 576 16nm Asic chips

Up to 6.4 kWt

Adaptive energy effiency, 0.14 J / GHz nominal



The investment is valid for 1,000 calendar days and is charged for each day of work.

All payments are made for the production of crypto currency.

Enter the amount of your investment and get your income

$ 10
per day
$ 305
per month
$ 3,666
per year
$ 3,666
for the whole period
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53 Business Centre,
Sir Adrian Dingli Street, Sliema,

GS Mining is a European company with the head office in Malta

Our company is officially registered in Malta under the European law. We pay taxes and run operations in compliance with the European legislation, which ensures transparency of our business. In addition, the franchising format of cooperation makes our business available and easy for everyone who wants to run and develop an advanced business from anywhere in the world.

Certifiacte of registration
Compensation system


The company pays partners rewards for attracting new investors and for promoting the project. We have 3 bonuses with the opening of levels on the trailer "40% + 40% + 20%" and with the requirement of a minimum number of personal partners.

Level Fast bonus, % Residual bonus, % Matcing bonus, % Turnover, USD Members
1st 5 2 20
2nd 3 2 15 3,000 1
3rd 2 2 10 9,000 3
4th 1.5 2 10 27,000 4
5th 1.5 2 5 81,000 5
6th 1.5 2 243,000 6
7th 1.5 2 729,000 7
8th 1.5 2 2,187,000 8
9th 1.5 2 6,561,000 9
10th 1.5 2 19,680,000 10
16nm ASIC chip BitFury B8 industrial bitcoin