A ready business model
with no effort on your part

40% profitability per year

With the development of digital technologies, the world is entering the era of electronic money. Today we are witnessing the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and technologies in this area. The growth rates of this segment make it the most dynamically developing market not only of this century, but also in the entire history of the economy!

Global Smart Mining is an international mining pool offering its capacities for rent to anyone.

We have developed a ready-made business model based on a franchise scheme. By purchasing a franchise, you get a contract for the lease of mining equipment, which is located on our sites and is serviced by our specialists. You can get real income in this growing market without special knowledge and effort. We will take care of everything, including the technical processes and equipment.

how to start making money?

To start your own business, you need to purchase a franchise which costs from 500 USD. The contract term is 1000 days. During this period you will receive income from the leased equipment.

choose us?

Independent mining for the encrypted and scarce cryptocurrency source code is no longer as profitable as before and is extremely labor-intensive.
Independent mining Mining with GS Mining
High cost of equipment
Stable income
Special knowledge
Trained and experienced staff
High power consumption
We take the responsibility for equipment maintenance and repair
Short service life of the equipment
Latest generation equipment directly from the manufacturer
Saving time

How much
can you earn?

Income calculator
  • Calculate your income based on the price of equipment leasing
  • You get the income of 40% per year accrued daily during the 1000 days of the contract
  • All payments are made through the production of bitcoins

Build your own international business

Help your friends and earn yourself